Look Up Phase 2

Look Up Phase 2

A continuation on the Look Up projection-based installation series. Phase 2 was a one-night event where guests could experiment and explore with interactive installations. The projection party, held at Half Court Studio, invited the audience to tinker and experience three unique installations all based on bridging technology and design.
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The event was contemporary design show, celebrating light and sound. The branding and advertising centered around building a mysterious narrative for the one-night show while giving an overprocessed glimpse at the visuals. The social campaign included Instagram ads, print posters, and video teasers.
The main video wall used audio-reactive visual effects to distort and mix video along with the event's dreamy music. The motion work told the story of an urban-dreamscape, combining found-footage of Portland and metropolitan life with scenes of floating jellyfish and swirling colors.
The "Light Booth" is a first of its kind projection-based photo booth. The guest is immersed in the projected visuals while the camera takes a short, looping video that is then instantly sent to their phone. The booth captured over 100 unique "living photos" and allowed users to easily share their experience and become a piece of the installation.
User experience flow charts and detailed cable diagrams were used to map out the workflow and construction of the Light Booth. The booth was operated by volunteers, so the user experience had to be easily taught and understood by both the guest and operator.
As guests entered and exited, they passed the final installation, the "Live Wall." This motion tracking projection used webcam data to create a digital mirror, allowing guests to dance, wave, and explore the interactive display. The projection was built in MAX, using a series of video filters and effects.


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